Strength Goddess Poster - Eye on Design
Strength Goddess Poster - Eye on Design

Strength Goddess Poster

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Strength Goddess can be associated with Hera, queen of the gods, queen of the heavens. Even Zeus, king of the gods, feared her - and with good reason. Though they were married, Zeus cheated on her with goddesses and mortals alike, and Hera would fly into a jealous rage. Zeus was powerless in stopping his wife from tormenting his mistresses and their children.

Famously, she is responsible for driving the greatest of Greek heroes, Heracles (Hercules), so mad that he had to go on to perform the twelve labors. From Hera we learn that women can stand up for themselves - even against the mightiest of men!

*Please note that the frame is not included

Product specifications:

  • Support Base: Canvas
  • Frame: No
  • Medium: Waterproof Ink
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Canvas
  • Package: Rolled on a tube