Unique Interior Design Trends of 2020 for Every Room

If you want to spruce up your home for 2020, the most interesting interior design trends of the year will give you plenty of ideas to consider. Something as simple as a coat of paint or some new decor accessories can create an up-to-date look. However, to really take advantage of all the new directions in home design, you may want to explore more extravagant changes.


Surprising Colors, Patterns, and Textures


Brighter and bolder colors have taken over from the beiges and grays of the past. While natural tones are still popular, interior design has moved away from true neutrals. Consider bold terra-cotta, golden yellows, or soft pine green as the new neutral.


If you prefer a bolder look, 2020 trends also push for monochromatic jewel tones from floor to walls to ceiling. Cobalt and navy blues, forest greens, and wine red are popular for bedrooms and more.


Layers of Eclectic Accessories


No matter what your personal sense of style, you can find interesting accessories and home decor items for 2020. Some of the biggest trends include vintage accents from the 19th century, bold black and white modern motifs, farmhouse chic, and floral everything.


Rather than matching everything in a room or your house to one aesthetic, this new year gives you more eclectic and personalized options when it comes to interior design trends. Expressing yourself is in. While you may not like to put a mirrored side table next to a cabinet with so antique patina with antique art and boldly patterned rug, there are still plenty of options that go together well. When in doubt, hire a professional interior designer to help.


Architectural Accents and Built-In Seating


Some of the design options for this year have to do with the structure of your house itself. Unique arches are in as doorways open wider and move away from traditional trimmed versions. Built-in furniture and seating have also hit high on the home remodeling lists for this year.


Consider having a comfortable bench built into a window space, cozy corner, or the side of a living room between bookcases or other shelving or cabinetry units. To soften the look of these structural changes, paint them with the bold accent color and include a lot of soft and comfortable patterned pillows and luxurious fabric throws.


Natural, Sustainable, and Handmade


As materials used in interior design and remodeling projects grow eco-friendlier and more sustainable, so too do decorator accents. The 2020 trends use more natural materials and looks combined with both traditional and modern styles. Consider wicker and rattan furniture, real plants in every room, sustainable faux options for materials like marble and granite, and unique handmade accents that show off your personal style rather than what the experts say you should love.


Your home should tell the story of your life and have colors, materials, and decor that align with your interests and personality. With the bold and diverse interior design trends of 2020, you have more opportunities than ever before to explore a look you love.

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